Welcome Back

Greetings one and all…  Mob fans and fans of  Frank Cullotta…

I know, it’s been awhile since I touched this website, my apologies for that… Life gets in the way and things slip by.  However, the interest in Frank Cullotta and his life story keeps growing and growing…

If you caught Mob Week on AMC, you probably caught a few segments with Frank kicking back and talking about his life as a mobster. If you were wondering, yea, that’s Frank.. easy going, straight forward and not make excuses or apologizing for what he did… he lived, he survived and he knows he was a lucky one. Move on..

If you did see Frank on AMC, leave your comments below, we would love to hear them!

Back to the Show

As summer heats up, life seems to be slowing down a bit and hopefully giving me more time to reorganize and update this site.  Wanting to add some highlights, some tips and some facts about Frank Cullotta and those he associated with.  So let us know what you want to know and we will try to find it and post it here…  Just for you!

So hang in there, give us your thoughts and questions and sign up for the free updates.

Mark Anthony


For people new to the site… here are a few good primers to Frank and the Vegas Mob era.

  • Casino (the best movie on Las Vegas and the Mob)