Murder in McHenery – The Book You need to Read

The book Murder in McHenryFrank’s story is not all abut crime, corruption, killing and stealing what is not yours to have.  It is in some ways about redemption.  It’s also filled with a few strange turns.  It’s about an offhand comment about the blood thirsty killer Larry Neumann and a last minute trip back to Chicago to settle some personal business.    That comment to law enforcement during his debriefing finding its way into his biography and finally into the hands of a babysitter and eventually the closing of a 27 year old cold case and a son finally finding some peace with his father’s murder.

As one who lost a parent at a young age, I could sympathize with Paul Scharff’s feelings and frustrations.  Growing up without that person not in your life and the memories of that last encounter, etched in your mind for life.

This is that story.  Paul Schaff’s 27 year odyssey without a father.  To have his once babysitter read a book that on page 130, describes a crime nobody wanted solved.  To read how his father was murdered by a man who killed people not because he had to, but because he liked it.  To know his father and a friendly waitress were murdered for nothing but misplaced vengeance brought a sense of peace, yet added to the frustration because it could have been solved years ago.

Knowing the backside of this story, with me playing initial go-between with Frank and some guy named Paul, it was a surreal moment to finally meet and interview Paul and follow his story and his new friendship with Frank Cullotta.  To see some justice done.  To see something good come from something bad.  And to finally see it all go to print.  I highly endorse and support the book  Murder in McHenry


This Book is  a Page Turner.  Crime, double murder, corruption, deceit.  You would think it was some piece of great fiction, but it is all real.

Editors note:  the Interview/Podcast has been misplaced.  But if found, will be posted on its own thread.

From Amazon:

What would you do if you received a phone call twenty eight years after your father s murder and a friend told you they finally knew who killed him? You would venture forward to bring the criminal to justice and clear the case. However, good guys aren’t always the heroes and bad guys the villains.

A career criminal turns government witness after a mobster places a murder contract on him. He tells investigators about crimes that happened. He has no reason to lie. If he lies, he will face life in prison and that life sentence will be a short one thanks to the contract. He tells federal agents of unsolved murders and the federal agents bring in the local authorities from McHenry County Illinois.

Twenty eight years later, Paul Scharff receives a phone call that directs him to a biography of this government witness. This rekindles his desire to bring his father’s murderer to justice. All the while he is doing this he uncovers the truth about the justice system in the corrupted town of McHenry.

Murder in McHenry