Get Frank’s Book

Before meeting Frank Cullotta, I had met and interviewed his biographer, Dennis Griffin.  Nice guy with a great way of telling a story.  He let the story tell itself.  When you read one of his books, you will understand what I mean!

A few weeks after meeting him and reading his books about crime and the Vegas Mob, he called to tell us he had Frank Cullotta available.  Would we like to interview him??

We (Sazzy, my co-host on The Vegas Tourist, and myself) thought about about it.  Not sure really if we were wanting to do that. Invite a mobster into your home and have an interview with him…  So Dennis sent us over an advanced copy of the book.

We ate it up.  The story is in Frank’s words.  It’s almost first person, with you along side him as he recounts his life.  It’s gritty, entertaining, sad at times, funny at others and its real.  After burning through the pages, we wanted to meet Frank and hear it from him.

Editors Note:  Sazzy may not have been all THAT excited about the upcoming interview, compared to me.  But that all changed once we met the man.)

This is Frank Cullotta’s story, told by Frank, the only way Frank can tell it.  Real, unfiltered and nothing sugar coated.

Like his testimony, not much, if anything is left out of here.  The good stuff (there is always some of that), the bad (you do what you have to do to stay a live) and the ugly (giving it all up wasn’t an easy thing to do).

From growing up in the mean streets of Chicago, to making friends with the enemy behind bars, to joining his friend, Tony “the Ant” Spilotro and coming to Las Vegas. It’s here.

Frank makes no bones about what he did, who he hurt and the cost to himself as well as others.  Its here.  In his own words.  He did the crimes, he paid the price and now lives to tell you about it.

If you think this is just a bunch of BS.  Some aged ex-Mobster telling tales??  Think Again.
This book, Frank’s words, helped solve a decades old cold case!! (Cullotta solved 27 year murder mystery)

Yea, what other Mobster book can say they did THAT??  It’s all in here and it really is a page turner.