Frank in Las Vegas

If you keep up with the news, you may have seen his mug on the pages of a few of the city’s rag magazines this week.  After all, Frank Cullotta is in town to do a talk/show at the Winchester Community Center tomorrow.

Actually, its the same interview published in  several papers owned by The Las Vegas Sun.  Where he talks about his restaurant, the Upper crust and the fact that his place was the first one in Las Vegas to offer Chicago-Style Stuffed Crust Pizza.  That Senator harry reid was NEVER on the mob’s payroll or that he was a marked man and they did a failed hit on his family.

Harry is running for his livelihood in the Senate race and pulling or grasping at all available straws, targets and scapegoats to save his cushy job in Washington.  At one point, running a series of ads claiming he is such a wonderful “man of the people”  that at one time, the mob wanted him dead.  I know, nice try and a funny headline.  But it got him some free media attention.

The surprise comes in a blog posting on The Las Vegas Sun, where the fateful question was finally answered.  What does an ex-mobster do for a living?  And where does he do it??  want to know what Does an ex-mobster do for a living??

To meet Frank Cullotta:
Saturday, May 8
2 p.m
Winchester Cultural Center
3130 S. McLeod Drive.
Cost is $15

Special Guest is Dennis Griffin
Co-Author of
“Cullotta: The Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster and Government Witness.”