Frank Cullotta Returns to Las Vegas

That’s right, former Mobster Frank Cullotta is returning to Las Vegas for one night.

Tuesday, January 18th is when you can come out and meet Frank Cullotta and some other mobsters at the Las Vegas Public Library

Frank will be part of a panel of heavyweights from organized crime families in New York, New Jersey and Chicago who ended up in Las Vegas, what it was like turning on the Mob and working for the government, plus Hollywood memories from the Martin Scorsese movies Casino and Goodfellas.

Frank Cullotta of the Chicago Mob participated in the original Hole In The Wall Gang that pulled off the most notorious heist in Las Vegas and was mob technical advisor on the movie Casino;

Andrew DiDonato worked for the Genovese & Gambino crime families in New York who later became a government informant and produced a documentary movie about his criminal life ; Dennis Griffin penned Cullotta, a biographical expose about Frank Cullotta’s life of crime;

East Coast ex-mobster Henry Hill got the Hollywood treatment when his life story of working for the Lucchese crime family was portrayed by actor Ray Liotta in Goodfellas; and actor Craig Vincent played the cowboy who wouldn’t take his boots off the table in Casino and was also a technical advisor/stuntman for the movie.

Also,  The Mob Museum is scheduled to open in 2011 and a presentation of mob related items will be donated to curator Kathleen Hickey Barrie on behalf of the Museum in an onstage ceremony.

Books and merchandise by DiDonato, Griffin & Hill will be available for purchase and signing after the presentation.

Join Us
Clark County Library Mob Month events are co-sponsored by Yelp. Free and open to the public. Starts at 7pm.  All program seating is first-come, first-served. For more information, please call 507-3458.