Frank Cullotta at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Frank Cullotta mob museum

On Valentines Day, The new “Mob Museum” opened in Las Vegas. Frank Cullotta and few other mobsters were there for the opening.  I saw Andrew DiDonato(see photo with Frank), Henry Hill and a few others lurking around.

The official title of the museum is “National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.”  Everyone just calls it The Mob Museum…  And that’s it website address.

Frank has a role in the museum. In video clips and statements inside various exhibits and interactive kiosks, Frank Cullotta talks about being in the Mob.  Giving you a pretty grim first person view of being part of the Mafia.  Warts and all and always in the Frank Cullotta style… as it is and how it happened.  Nothing is ever sugar coated with Frank!

The museum itself, steps you thru the birth, growth and demise of the Mob in America.  Nothing is glamorized.  It also shows how Law enforcement helped bring the Mob down.  Nothing is glamorized (the critics keep hounding the opposite)  and they even tell a few gritty tales of when Law Enforcement was on the Mobs side.  So, like I said, it shows everything, warts and all.

Of course, the whole thing ends in a gift shop, where you can buy Frank’s book, amongst other mob/Law enforcement memorabilia and trinkets.

Love the Mob?  Love Law Enforcement?  Love Vegas?  Go see The Mob Museum!