Frank and Dennis – Unlikely Friends

Las Vegas mobster and his writer.

The story between Mobster Frank Cullotta and Dennis Griffin, the man who co-authored his biography is a funny little tale of two unlikely people becoming friends.  Part of that story is told in their joint interview with Mark Anthony and Sazzy on podcast

Dennis was writing his book The Battle for Las Vegas: The Law Vs. the Mob (True Crime).
Its the background story to the era covered in the movie Casino.   Dennis found out that one of the mobsters was still alive and not in jail.  So he reached out to Frank through his contact in the FBI and the Government witness protection program, Dennis Arnoldy.

As the book was becoming a reality and nearing a date to finalize, the secret meetings set up at the last minute had to stop and they had to get serious.  Frank finally agreed and met Denny at his house in Las Vegas.  Of course, Denny’s wife was not really thrilled that an ex-mobster was on his way over.  So Frank would enter one door while the wife would exit another!

That didn’t last long.  She soon had to meet her fears and meet the man she shared many a phone calls with when exchanging messages with Dennis.  So Frank won her over and soon he would call or visit more with her than with his writer!

After the book was published, Frank was thinking maybe it was time for him to write HIS story.  To set the real record straight and to come clean with everyone.  It really wasn’t a tough choice on who to work with.  Most of the material was already there.  He just needed to put the story in order and have the right person make it make sense and make it read as if it was being told by Frank, himself.  That would be Dennis Griffin.

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