Cullotta Solved 27 year Old Murder Mystery

Not only did the publishing of Frank Cullotta’s biography solve a 27 year old murder mystery, it opened a whole can of chaos in the Illinois law enforcement community.

On the morning of June 2, 1981, two people were found shot to death at the rear of the P.M. Pub, located in the small community of Lakemoor, Illinois. The victims were the tavern’s owner, 37-year-old Ronald Scharff and barmaid Patricia Freeman, who had worked her first shift at the bar the previous evening. Lakemoor is situated about 45 miles northwest of Chicago.

Ronald Sharaff left behind a family that included 11 year old Paul Sharff.  His father’s wake was on his birthday.

McHenry County Sheriff’s investigators had a couple of suspects in the slayings. Two primary suspects were Freeman’s boyfriend and a guy named Larry Neumann. Neumann was a McHenry County native living in Las Vegas. He was well known to the law enforcement with a rap sheet  that included burglary, robbery, arson.  he was just your all around tough guy who was working for Chicago Outfit enforcer Tony Spilotro in Sin City.

But the case went cold.

In 2008, 27 years after his father’s murder, Paul Scharff’s former babysitter Holly, picked up Cullotta’s book and started to read.  On page 130, Frank was talking about his debriefing prior to entering the Government Witness protection and talked about what Holly thought was Ron Scharff’s killing.  The names of the victims and the specific location of the crimes weren’t included, but Holly felt everything else matched.  She told her father who contacted Paul.

Paul reached out to Frank Cullotta thru The Vegas Tourist. We passed the information on to Frank.

Frank Cullotta and his former FBI handler Dennis Arnoldy, have agreed to assist Paul in his efforts.