About FrankCullotta.com, the website

I’m Mark Anthony.  Host of The The Vegas Tourist.com Podcast. Welcome to the unofficial fan site for Frank Cullotta

It’s hard for some to understand how a good ol’ boy from the Midwest could build a fan site for a man like Frank Cullotta.    It wasn’t exaclty on my list of things to do when we got the call asking if we were interested in his story.

We first met Frank Cullotta through his co-author, Dennis Griffin.  My co-host and I were privileged (yes, privileged) to read an advanced copy of Frank’s biography  Cullotta: The Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster and Government Witness (True Crime).  After reading the book, we were able to arrange to meet and interview the man along with his FBI counterpart, Dennis Arnoldy.

After the interview first posted, we were deluged with requests,  comments and letters (good and bad).  People wanted more information on Frank, his life, his crimes and about that era of Las Vegas history.  Even now, it is one of our most downloaded shows!

It was at that point that I knew a website needed to be built.   Not to glorify his past, the crimes that he committed or the lives that he took.  He lived his life, confessed to his sins,  he served his time and he paid his penance for that.  Nor did I build this website to glorify or glamorize his former profession.

If you read his story, you will understand the fascination people have with him, what he did and how he lived through it all. His life plays out before your eyes in living color.  Frank is not one to sugar coat anything.  You see the decisions he made, the reasons he did what he did as well as the consequences we all pay for our decisions.

You also see a lot of life lessons in his story as well.  The power and importance of friendships, the value of information.  Living by a code of honor, ethics and knowing that your word is your bond.

So consider this a website built by a friend, for the fans with an educational edge built in.

FYI:  Please understand that this is a fan site.  Not maintained nor controlled by Frank Cullotta.  Do not use this as a way to get connected with Frank Cullotta.  Any requests to connect with Frank may or may not be forwarded to him or his representatives…