Get tickets to Mob-Con 2013

Frank Cullotta at Mob-Con 2013

Where else but Las Vegas could you pull off a convention filled with more crooks than Congress?  Not to mention retired FBI officers, famous crime writers, Goombas and "made men."  That list is headlined by our very own Frank Cullotta.  The event is … [Read More...]

The book Murder in McHenry

Murder in McHenery – The Book You need to Read

Frank's story is not all abut crime, corruption, killing and stealing what is not yours to have.  It is in some ways about redemption.  It's also filled with a few strange turns.  It's about an offhand comment about the blood thirsty killer Larry Neumann and a last minute trip back to Chicago to … [Read More...]

A Few Prayers for Frank??

It's been reported that due to an unexpected surgery The Original Mob St. Valentines Feast & Show has been cancelled. Frank Cullotta is prepping for surgery in the next few days. Please continue to send your prayers and thought for a speedy and healthy recovery. Will post more as we get … [Read More...]

Las Vegas mobster and his writer.

Frank and Dennis – Unlikely Friends

The story between Mobster Frank Cullotta and Dennis Griffin, the man who co-authored his biography is a funny little tale of two unlikely people becoming friends.  Part of that story is told in their joint interview with Mark Anthony and Sazzy on podcast Dennis was writing his … [Read More...]

Cullotta Solved 27 year Old Murder Mystery

Not only did the publishing of Frank Cullotta's biography solve a 27 year old murder mystery, it opened a whole can of chaos in the Illinois law enforcement community. On the morning of June 2, 1981, two people were found shot to death at the rear of the P.M. Pub, located in the small community … [Read More...]

Frank Cullotta Book Signing at Mob Museum

That's right boys and girls....  Frank Cullotta will be at the new Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas, this Saturday from 1-5pm for book signings. Saturday, April 7- Frank Cullotta will be signing CULLOTTA – The Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster, and Government Witness in the gift shop … [Read More...]